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You may need to Update your Windows Registry and Repair outdated File Extension Associations. PC Clean and Optimizer software automates this task ...
Instantly repairs loads of Windows problems and tunes-up PC performance
Fast, Easy Registry Update
Did you know that your Windows Registry is the most important part of the Windows operating system?

When errors occur it is most often as a result of incorrect information being relayed to or from the Windows registry.

While it’s possible to manually correct all discovered Registry problems- it is a long, arduous and tedious journey. Think in terms of month ...

Instead, let PC Clean and Optimizer software take care of this tedious, but necessary, task.

If you’re a novice, PC Clean and Optimizer software won’t intimidate. In fact, you’ll find that PC Clean and Optimizer software is quite easy to use. If you’re a more advanced user, PC Clean and Optimizer software won’t let you down. You’ll find that this utility will do the hard work quickly, safely, and efficiently, freeing you up for other tasks.

Let’s take a look at exactly what PC Clean and Optimizer software can do for you:

Backup and Restore Registry Use the backup and restore registry features to ensure that should something go wrong during an update, you have your original registry settings safely backed up and ready for restoration.

Update Registry – Updating the Registry is PC Clean and Optimizer software's primary function. This feature makes doing so a simple matter of clicking this link.

Uninstall empty file associations, folders and paths – Old and obsolete references can cause problems of their own. With this feature, you can safely remove no longer needed and empty references/keys.

Manage Registry Updates – This tool gives you greater control over the Registry update process and provides you with valuable information including file/key version and date information as well as current registry location and status.

Resume Interrupted Downloads – Downloading large amounts of registry data can be troublesome with interruptions being common. Rather than starting over, you can pick up from where you left off.

Diagnose Malfunctioning Entries – This tool helps you to find and diagnose malfunctioning Registry settings. In addition, when malfunctioning keys are found, the correct solution is offered.

Hide and Unhide Reg keys – In some cases, PC Clean and Optimizer software may offer replacement or removal that you as an expert, would like to over-ride. You can hide and unhide selected registry settings from appearing in the list of regkeys available for your system

Using PC Clean and Optimizer software to update your Registry ensures that your computer has the most appropriate Registry settings and configuration for optimum and error-free performance. This product first scans your system to see your exact Registry configuration and identifies the problem areas. Dont be surprised if hundreds of errors are found. It also looks at your operating system before identifying your specific computers' needs. All of this takes place in a matter of minutes.

With PC Clean and Optimizer software on the job, your computer will have fewer system errors Windows problems and will run much, much better- often just like a brand-new computer. In addition, updating the registry often adds new and improved functionality to your system, further enhancing your computer experience. Keep your PC’s components tuned up by updating the Windows Registry on a regular basis with PC Clean and Optimizer software!


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