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Printer drivers can be accessed on a CD-ROM included in the packaging of a new printer. Alternatively, these drivers may be installed once the printer is attached to a computer and turned on. Some computers are plug-n-play enabled, which means they may already have the driver information stored on the hard drive.

What do you do if you buy a used printer? Occasionally when you buy used printers the original software is not included. While some plug-n-play computers may automatically install these for you, some older equipment can make this impossible. When this happens, finding the correct driver for your printer may take a little Internet sleuthing.

The first place you should look for older printer drivers is the manufacturer's website. Look for the support page and then search for the printer model you own. Most printer manufacturer websites will direct you to a driver download page for your particular product.

The second place to look for printer drivers is through trusted websites that provide software updates, such as ZDNet. Alternatively, simply typing the make and model of a printer in your browser's search window can produce similar results. Once you have located the driver download for your printer, double check the version number as the manufacturer may have made more than one version of the same printer. This happens frequently with multi-function printers. Whenever possible, use the printer's identification number to correctly identify the model.

If you download the wrong printer driver, simply uninstall it from your computer using the uninstall program feature through the control panel. A driver that isn't working can also be disabled through the device manager

There are many software and driver update companies on the Internet and they usually charge a monthly or one-time fee to download software that will keep your printer drivers updated. Be careful when you download these types of applications because they can contain spyware.

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